Too Many Open Items

Written by haloboy777 on 2020-12-15

Reducing the number of Open Items I currently have

Hi, I have a problem. A big problem. I currently have too many projects open on my plate and I'm neither efficient nor happy about it. The recommended number of projects an individual can handle at a time is 3 or as much as one can efficiently manage [Research Paper, Project Management openbook] and I'm just a mess at managing stuff right now. Let me list out the major areas I'm currently wasting time in:


So the number of books is not huge for any well read individual, but the problem is I'm try to read all of them at once, and that's mixing up storylines, ideas and key takeaways.. Currently I'm reading:

And I listening to:

Application Projects

I currently have 11 ongoing projects, including this blog; four of those are full size projects with their separate trello boards to keep track of all the bullshit I do with them on regular basis.

tbh there are more than 4 projects

And all of them take too much time to develop. One thing I do regularly is ask a simple question which derails all the work I've done till now a and I start writing the whole application again is that, "What new languages, frameworks are available right now in the market?" This brings us to the next section..

New Languages

I'm currently trying to learn..

New Frameworks

The reason, from my understanding, why I have picked up so many frameworks at once is that I have so many projects that have different need that can only be fulfilled by combination of these frameworks..

And I need time to process and internalize all of this information while I also listen to podcasts, youtube videos, etc. Tbh I'm burnt out.

In the moment all of this feels important and no sh*t IT IS. I've tried all the ways under the sun where I can manage all of these at once, but I think I've already hit a limit of my brain and no tool can help me with that.

And all of this happens after all the work I do at my job.. which is way more streamlined than this but it's still big.. At work currently I'm trying to integrate the payment systems for Stripe, Android InApp Purchases and iOS InApp Purchases, Both Backend and Frontend (React, Android, iOS, Node).

You can only do so much at a time.

Triage is important and should be done, but rarely and carefully otherwise the cost of complacency is huge. I can explain why I've decided to limit myself to work stuff and the following things:

Rest everything is shelved now. I'll pick them up later on.