I'm done making web apps

Written by haloboy777 on 2022-12-14

I'm not learning anything new

Making web apps is super easy now these days. Don't get me wrong, it's still very very labour intensive task. But I wouldn't say it's tough.

You end-up stringing multiple services to flow data from one point to another. And in then direct everything into a database.


Why the f*** is everything on web? Why are we not allowed to struggle offline anymore? Do we even want that?

No, we want everything right here and right now. And web does that for them. And web is the perfect tool for that. Everything is possible on web, because there people making sure it feels that way.

But when I used dream about working on software I used to think my software will run on big servers doing very important stuff like computing maths related to black holes or something related to it.

But what I ended up doing is something horrible instead. I started working on web. Why does everything need to be a service? Why can't I just enjoy a piece of software and appreciate it's design.

I'll try to figure out what I'll do next. Till then stay classy.