Attention tracking

Written by haloboy777 on 2023-06-28

Trying to track time I've lost

I've been thinking about working on a new way of looking at time tracking.

Time tracking requires a lot of effort and discipline to get it right. What I want to do with this application is to try to remove the headache of tracking attention on various devices for a single individual and sync them in such a manner that, it stays true to the correct timeline of one's attention.

My main insight for this application is that, As much as I try to multitask my brain serializes all the tasks I throw at it.

One can always try to maximise the efficiency of the work that they're trying to accomplish by limiting the meaningful interactions seen by the brain.


And given the current tooling available there are two different problems I've faced

With this application I'm trying to bridge the gap between different platforms by

And my current goal is to make this work okayish for me. I'll try to update asap.

Till then stay classy.